ANTONIS THEODORIDIS is an image-based artist, based in Athens, Greece.
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The 2023 Eleusis European Capital of Culture, in collaboration with the Non-Profit Organization EU Japan Fest, is pleased to announce that the Greek photographer, who will travel to Japan, is Antonis Theodoridis. The selection was made by the artistic director of EU Japan Fest, Mikiko Kikuta. The Greek photographer will travel to Osaka for a 3-week residency and he will participate in Mystery 8 Eyes on Japan, capturing the convergences and divergences of the two cultures. Mystery 8 Eyes on Japan is part of the international program European Eyes on Japan, where European Capitals of Culture introduce a different region of Japan each year through this residency. The photographs will be presented in a publication entitled European Eyes on Japan/Japan Today. In addition, there will be an exhibition open to the public in Elefsina and after the works will be donated to the city as part of its contemporary cultural heritage.

04 / 2023

Exhibition: Anaparastasi: Reconstruction, Reenactment, Reconstitution.

Momus -Experimental Center for the Arts
Thessaloniki, Greece

On the occasion of the tenth anniversary since the death of Theodoros Angelopoulos, the Festival hosts an innovative and multifaceted tribute to the prolific filmmaker whose work left an indelible mark on Greek cinema. Two large-scale exhibitions that intertwine the start of his brilliant career and his swan song, the universally accessible screening of his debut film, Reconstruction (1970), a documentary that unveils a fascinating conversation between Theo Angelopoulos and his fellow director Nikos Panayotopoulos, as well as a pioneering two-language edition that delves into the power and mystery of Angelopoulos’ cinematic images, are the main pillars of the tribute.

Reconstruction becomes the heart and soul of this year’s Festival, as a pivotal notion that consolidates and expresses the way we see, grasp and experience the world that surrounds us. In Angelopoulos’ cinema, as well as in art as a whole, the underlying meaning of reconstruction is identified with the human take on reality and life itself.

The Festival’s main exhibition, bearing the title “Anaparastasi: Reconstruction, Reenactment, Reconstitution” explores the different variations and versions of reconstruction. Within the framework of the exhibition, twelve Greek and foreign visual artists draw inspiration from Angelopoulos’ directorial debut and contemplate on the form, the content and the boundaries attached to the process of reconstruction.

The artists taking part in the exhibition are Larry Amponsah, Dimitris Anastasiou, Antonis Donef, Eirene Efstathiou, Andrew Pierre Hart, the artistic duo Hippolyte Hentgen (Lina Hentgen και Gaëlle Hippolyte), Magdalena Karpinska, Natalia Manta, Asako Masunouchi, Vivi Papadimitriou and Antonis Theodoridis.

The exhibition will be hosted in Momus-Experimental Center for the Arts (Port of Thessaloniki) and will last up until November 27th. Shortly after its completion in Thessaloniki, the exhibition will move to Athens, hosted at The Project Gallery (3, Normanou str.), from December 20th to January 28th.

11 / 2022

Installation: ARTWORKS x DELTA Restaurant

Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center
Athens, Greece

ARTWORKS partners with DELTA restaurant for the second consecutive year and presents works of visual artists in the restaurant’s venue. Following the concept of sustainability, the visitors are invited to think of art as part of diverse ecosystems and interdependent interactions. The participating artists are all awardees of the Stavros Niarchos Foundation Artist Fellowship Program by ARTWORKS. On view until June 2023.

07 / 2022

Exhibition: Betwixt and Between, with Nikolas Ventourakis - curated by Myrto Katsimiha

B. & M. Theocharakis Foundation, Athens, Greece.
Opening 22.09.2021, on view until 20.11.2021.
More info here.


09 / 2021

Exhibition / Book presentation: Newspaper from the American West (Agra Publications)

MIET Foundation, Amerikis str. 13, Athens
Opening Thu 31 Oct. 2019, 8pm.
On view until Fri 14 Dec. 2019.

10 / 2019

Young Greek Photographers 2010-18

Group exhibition, curated by M. Moresopoulos, Thessaloniki Museum of Photography, open April 14 to September 25, 2019. 

04 / 2019

Tique Art Paper: Six Questions

Tique Art paper asks six questions to an artist about their work and inspiration.

11 / 2018

Hartford Photography MFA graduation show.

Group exhibition, Joseloff Gallery, University of Hartford.

09 / 2018

EIB Institute Artist Developement Program Award, Luxembourg.

Group exhibition with fellow residents Bill Balaskas, Grzegorz Stefanski, and FRAUD/Francisco Gallardo. 

06 / 2018

Interview with Marilena Astrapellou for BHmagazino Magazine. 

4 πινακίδες στην ήρεμη Δύση, της Μαριλένας Αστραπέλλου, περιοδικό ΒΗmagazino.

06 / 2018